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Masons dedicate cornerstone at Grayson clock tower

PostPosted: Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:21 am
by admin
Masons dedicate cornerstone at Grayson clock tower

A dozen or so men stood at the corner of Grayson Highway and Rosebud Road on Saturday, serious with the centuries-old, hyper-ritualistic ceremony they were about to perform. On a less dreary morning, their regalia — suits, white silk aprons, purple velvet collars overtaken by intricately detailed gold chains — would have shone in the sun.

Gwinnett County. Georgia USA ... ock-tower/

So what is so important and what happens in Gwinnett - well nothing too much save that the town was named after Button Gwinnett the second signature on the Declaration of Indipemdence. The son of Welsh Parents Reverend Samuel and Anne (née Button) Gwinnett who lived in Glostershire.