The Society of the Horseman's Word

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The Society of the Horseman's Word

Postby Ben Fernee » Sun Jul 23, 2017 10:16 pm

The Society of The Horseman's Word. Hardback book in dustwrapper 181pp. This book gives the ritual as used by the ploughmen of Buchan. It derives from freemasonry, but was also also influenced by old initiation ritual for millers, old horseman's rituals and rural traditions regarding C and his offspring. Certainly their catechisms celebrated T C as the originator of their Craft, the first to tame a horse, and surprising traditions concerning him were communicated. This book seeks to give the fullest version of the ritual to survive, as many of its catechisms as possible and considerable relevant context. The Society of the Horsemen's Word was, for many years, a criminal conspiracy. It members broke the same laws that saw the Tolpuddle martyrs transported but rather than strikes they taught methods of clandestine sabotage to further their ends. Perhaps this context caused the ritual to become both extreme and strange, with the candidate experiencing some physical abuse, mock execution and an encounter with the Devil which would greatly discourage loose tongues and make any report of their activities seem incredible. The ritual also has surprising classical references and the Society taught is members to treat their animals with respect. Members of the Society were thought to have a mysterious power of horses, and women too. Aside from some rough humour and so forth one can perceive an evocative folk mysticism in the Societies teachings. 900 copies of this book were printed. I can offer a copy of £25 including UK Postage. Please make payment by Paypal to

Since editing and publishing the book I have come to the opinion that there was an additional dimension to the secret activities of members of the Society of the Horseman's Word. I think they were very involved in the diversion of grain into production of bootleg alcohol. This explains their affinity with millers, who would also have been aware if large quantities of grain was being consumed clandestinely.


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Re: The Society of the Horseman's Word

Postby Peter Taylor » Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:20 am

My grandfather was a horseman. I have the Ritual.
Regards, Peter
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Re: The Society of the Horseman's Word

Postby forester » Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:12 am

hmmm.interesting topic...not heard of this one before
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