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Rules of LodgeRoomUk Masonic Forum:-

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Mission Statement:

LodgeRoomUk Masonic Discussion Forum is first and foremost a Masonic Community, whereby “Regular� and regular “Prince Hall Masons� from around the globe can learn from one another. It is also a forum where those interested in Freemasonry can ask sincere questions about the Craft and affords Masons the opportunity to answer the same. It is designed to put into electronic practise the three principal tenets of Freemasonry - Brotherly Love Relief and Truth. It is a window into which the world of freemasonry may look and see the true reflection of freemasonry in the United Kingdom

Legal Disclaimer:

The LodgeRoomUk Discussion Forum is owned and operated by W. McElligott and is a free service provided via the web site,

The views and opinions of authors and advertisers expressed herein are not necessarily those of W. McElligott,, The web site and services provided or our team of moderators and the above mentioned parties assume no responsibility for the views of authors or advertisers.

W. McElligott reserves the right to edit or remove posts, which are not conducive to the purpose and spirit of this forum, including but not limited to arguments, attacks, abuse, unsolicited advertising, spam posts, etc.

Forum Categories: An Overview

Listed below are the details pertaining to the different sections of the boards. Please read carefully so you know how to use the forum and do not post in the wrong areas. Also the requirements for a section are detailed for your convenience.

Announcements & Rules

This section apprises you of the rules and announcements important to your participation in this forum - please adhere to them at all times.

Discussions open to all

This section is designed to give new posters an opportunity to introduce themselves and regular posters an opportunity to reply with their welcomes.

This section contains several forums on different aspects of Freemasonry and allows you to post to those areas that are of the greatest interest to you. It is open to Masons and non-Masons alike.

Mason to Mason area

This section of the forum consists of several boards available to members of the Masonic fraternity ONLY.

While most of the discussions are ones that could be posted in the general (open) areas, it is tyled/restricted so that Masons may discuss those aspects of the fraternity, which they are more comfortable keeping between members.

Its main purpose is to educate one another as to the differences in Masonic custom and procedure in different jurisdictions. Participation in these tyled forums is based upon two criteria:

1/ Membership in the Masonic fraternity
2/ A track record of harmonious conduct in the open areas of our forum. (minimum of 10 [ten] posts)

There is no discussion/revelation to the secrets of Freemasonry permitted on these boards. Meanings and interpretation is fine but at no time may any secret be detailed in full or described in a manner that the secret will be revealed.

The Lodge Forums area a section made available , free of charge that you can use for your Lodge to meet , leave messages and will be made available to you and your Lodge only. It can be an add-on to your Lodge Web site.

Forum Post Policy

The Lodge Room Discussion Forum is not an archive of every post ever made on the forum. We use an automated topic pruning system, which deletes posts with no reply after a period of time ranging from 7 – 30 days, depending on the nature of the forum. Selected threads may be archived at the moderator’s discretion to be used as FAQs on any given Masonic topic.

Forum Rules

1 / Apply the Golden Rule
Remember this forum is open to Masons and non-Masons alike. You and your post are somebody’s impression of what a Freemason is. Stand up for what you believe, but consider the feelings of the other poster. When you communicate online, all the poster sees are words on a screen.

2/ Remember Where You Are
This is a forum for and about Freemasonry. While it is not a Masonic lodge, nor a substitute one, the same conduct you would engage in while in your lodge is expected here. While “flaming� may be the order of the day on some forums, it is not acceptable here, nor will it be tolerated. Respectful debate on issues concerning Freemasonry is accepted; heated exchanges are not.

3/ Respect Our Bandwidth and Others
Please keep your posts to as few words as needed to get across your thoughts. There are many posters on the forum and many topics to be viewed. If your post is essay length, we would be happy to publish it on our main web site and you are welcomed to link to it, inviting comments on the essay. Linking to an article online is permitted. Displaying images on our forum, which are pulled from other web sites, not your own is referred to as “hot-linking� and is not acceptable here.

4/ Help Keep Flame Wars Under Control
Flaming is what happens when people express strongly held opinions without holding back their emotions. While flaming is common on most forums, it is to be kept in check here. If you read a post that is the spark of a potential flame war, please send a PM (Private message to the poster whispering wise council in their ear.) Failing this, contact the moderator of the forum to have the post removed. Do not under any circumstance add fuel to the fire, by arguing. Debating an issue = Good. Arguing and flaming = possible banishment from the forums.

5/ Be Forgiving Of The Shortcomings of Others
It is a fact that on this forum we have Masons from around the globe. These members will have varying degrees of experience and come from lodges with customs that may be foreign to you. Perhaps you have travelled extensively, while your fellow poster may have never been to a lodge other than his own. Perhaps you are conversant in all the degrees of Masonry, while your Brother is but an apprentice. We are here to learn from one another, to teach and to share our ideas. Patience is a virtue.

6/ Taboo Topics

A/ Politics and Religion:
Freemasonry makes much of the notion that politics and religion are never to be discussed in lodge. The actual prohibition is on Partisan Politics and Sectarian Religion. It would be impossible to discuss Freemasonry, its issues, traditions and customs without mentioning politics and religion, however there is no need to debate partisan political matters or sectarian religious dogma. Just as not everyone in your lodge is a Democrat and or a Christian, likewise here, not everyone is of the Jewish Faith or a member of one political party or another. Therefore, while it is acceptable to discuss matters of faith and political thought in general terms, it is unacceptable to discuss matters of a religious or political nature, which might lead to heated exchanges. And only where it relates to Freemasonry please.

B/ Masonic Class:
There are no two topics that can insight greater debate and lead to an escalation of heated exchanges than the topics of Prince Hall regularity or One Day Masons. This forum is open to all “Regular� Masons and regular “Prince Hall Masons.� It is also open to those who have taken “One Day Classes� and those who have gone through the traditional route. We will not tolerate any discussion or opinion, which suggests that any one class is superior or inferior to another. There is but one class on this forum and that is the class, which we all attend here to learn from one another. This does not mean that these issues cannot be discussed, but we must ensure that they are kept as harmonious as possible.

C/ Criticisms Of Specific Grand Lodges
While it may be reasonably argued that some Grand Lodges are losing site of the purpose of Freemasonry, it is unfair to point fingers at any one Grand Lodge. We have members of virtually every Grand Lodge on the forum. Thus an attack on any one grand lodge is an attack on our forum member from that Grand Lodge. We also have several Grand Lodge officers here who are trying to make a difference, both on the forum and in their Grand Body. If you have issues with a specific Grand Lodge, please take it up with that Grand Lodge via your lodge secretary.

7/ Copyrighted Materials
You are not permitted to reprint or post any material on the forum that is under copyright. It is permissible to post up to 200 words from any article and a link to where the originating article may be found online

NOTE: When you are participating on the boards please remember that the moderators are all volunteers that enable this board to be here for YOU. If the actions of a moderator seem unfair to you please refrain from attacking them on the boards, simply send the moderator in question a PM and discuss the issue like adults.

They perform their duties in a manner they see fit to continue the board's harmony, and believe it or not are only human.
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