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How to join and Why?

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Just Applied

Postby Potential_initiate » Sat Feb 29, 2020 1:43 am

Hello everyone, I’m Steve.
I have just applied to join the Order after hearing only whispers from my grandfathers past and seeing his ring once or twice. I remember asking him what it was and meant, he said he’d show me one day. My grandfather past away a few years ago but he was going to propose me. As his cousin proposed him, I was drawn to it, just the mere sight of the symbol of the square & compasses got my mind racing, wanting to know more. I have walked past his lodge in Goole No. 458 aire and calder numerous times knowing he once walked through those doors and often wondered what he got up to in there as I was told by my mother not to ask too many questions. (it’s a secret, you know)
It has been in the back of my mind for years until last week I finally built up the courage to apply.
I have spoken to a nice man called John who covers the area I wish to join a lodge in.
I mentioned to a Freemason I have known since I was a child that I’m wanting to join and he is happy for me and wishes me the best of luck on my life long journey.

I also spoke to my Grandma and she said, Your Grandad would want you to have this. Inside this brown leather case was a small ritual book, his certificate An apron and a Jewel I saw that from his apron he was a Master Mason, I lifted his apron up to find another underneath with a sash and another certificate, he had also progressed into the Royal Arch Masons.

I’m now more intrigued than I ever was before, with just a constant urge to learn more seeing how much this all meant to him and how hard and dedicated he was to everything really brings it home to me that this is definitely a path I wish to take for the rest of my life

There are a few potential issues though...
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Re: Just Applied

Postby Potential_initiate » Sat Feb 29, 2020 2:03 am

I, now 28 was a little bit “boisterous” shall we say, in my youth?
I’d got my self in a little trouble with the police, always after I had 1 or 7 too many...
I accepted cautions (as I didn’t know then, by accepting a caution you are agreeing that you are guilty).
Something needed to be done, I said to myself I need to change myself for the better, get away from the so called ‘friends’

I applied to join the Army and Navy. I had four options, 1 Royal Marines, 2 The Parachute Regiment, 3 The Coldstream Guards and 4 The Royal Engineers.
I put countless time, effort and dedication in the gym, empty parks, river banks and woods as well as study at home to know every single thing I needed to know.

I went on a 3 day look at life course for the Coldstream Guards and absolutely loved it, the pride and honour it felt to one day be guarding the Royal family was very inviting even though it wasn’t my first choice.

A very long story cut a little shorter, I was on the return journey home with all the lads that had been on the course with me
and there was one younger lad who lived in Scunthorpe, who I took under my wing as he found it hard to keep up with everyone else on the course and felt down on the train home as he didn’t finish his run in the time to qualify to get into the Regiment, he was down and upset.

He was possibly in the wrong frame of mind to be drinking with us all on the train but he did anyway.... later he was getting loud and Leary. I tried to calm him down so many times as to not upset passengers on the train, it was a Wednesday evening at 18:00, there was women and children on the train and he was swearing and being rude to other passengers.

I asked him politely several times To be quiet but he carried on, I then had to stop it. I held him once and demands he stopped !! He took offence to it and reported me to the Train Guard who then reported me to Transport Police. Could my night get any worse?? Yes! The police got the cctv footage of me holding the man and due to my past they Charged me with assault and ABH. I had to pay a fine and complete 150 hours of community service. It was completed within no time at all, I booked work off through the week and weekends off to get it over and done with.

This being 6 - 7 years ago how likely or unlikely would it be for me to join the Freemasons ?

I know that this was a time in my late teens/ early twenties but I can’t stand the thought of something like this ruining my life forever.

I’ve paid for what I had done, and I don’t really need to declare it but I’m an honest person brought up with morals and principles

That time has long since past and I’m a business man now, not just a young fool.

Many thanks for your replies
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Re: Just Applied

Postby Trouillogan » Sat Feb 29, 2020 9:45 pm

It sounds as if you may have passed through that phase. There's nothing to stop you applying but you will be asked if you have any convictions. These you must declare. Best to discuss initially with the person who would be proposing your membership. Alternatively, you may ask to discuss the matter with the Provincial Grand Secretary - he's at a level above the lodge and is no part of it. He should be able to advise you privately and he will discuss it with the Grand Secretary in London. If the Grand Secretary responds that there is nothing to prevent your application going ahead, then that is what may take place. If there is no response from the Grand Secretary, then your application cannot proceed. There is no need for the lodge to know any detail other than you have had a conviction.
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Re: Just Applied

Postby Potential_initiate » Sun Mar 01, 2020 5:19 pm

Thank you Trouillogan, all I can do is keep my fingers crossed.
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