Should I become a Mason?

How to join and Why?

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Should I become a Mason?

Postby Stevecoath » Thu Dec 08, 2016 4:13 pm

I just happened to read AQC Vol 1 from 1886 and the following was this article: Shall I be a Mason.

Read a History of Masonry; There is no lack of them. Read the libels published against them; The Bulls of Excommunication: Examine the charges made.........
........Do not present yourself out of idle curiosity; you will only be disappointed. Do not join the Craft except with a firm resolution to study the institution. ......
.......If, combined with the love of the true and the good you have not also a slight mental attraction towards the poetry resident in all things, and a judgement tempered by feeling and sentiment, enter not, you will be bored. He who, with the culture of progress, combines that of old memories; who while pursuing exact science can yet understand all the charm of a venerable myth; who loves custom because it is old, antique forms because they are beautiful, even prejudice because it is at the root of human history, such a one will find full play for his instincts as an archaeologist. But, should you enquire how it will benefit your pocket or influence the elections - go not in.

If in religious matters, you start with the assumption that your opponent is a fool or a knave, venture not to approach. But, if you respect every sincere opinion, or if being of a religious temperament you can bear with those who are not so, or rather are so different from yourself, then go; no one will wound your susceptibilities and you will hurt no one.

If as a physician or lawyer, a tradesman or merchant, official or clerk, you seek to find there either clients or patrons, you will be grievously disappointed. As an official you would inspire the good-humoured contempt of the minister, were he a mason, and his successor would, perhaps, send you about your business. As a merchant you would cause both your masonry and your merchandise to be regarded with suspicion.

If you hold opinions which possess you rather than you them, if your disposition be such to render you to prone to blame others, or if you have no pride in your birthright independence in all matters that concern yourself, or the education of your children, the actions of your religious, civil or family life, you will never possess the requisite masonic qualifications, you will never understand those that do.

................And cherish no illusions! Do not allow yourself to be carried away by the idea that you owe a sacrifice to humanity, to progress, and all the rest. Masons are apt to laugh at high-flown notions of self-sacrifice.
Join the Masons only if you desire it for your own sake; whoever you be, they can get on excellently well without you.
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Re: Should I become a Mason?

Postby Saracen1970 » Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:44 pm

A worthy piece Brother, thanks for sharing.
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