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Looking to Europe

PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 9:24 pm
by admin
With all the fun and games over the Referendum I started to think maybe we could sell some items in Europe. It will probably depend on the outcome. But it is an interesting excercise in any case.

I have experimented with Google Translate. Have a look ...............

Store in French ... ency%3DEUR
Lodgeroom maçonnique magasin -
La traduction peut être changée en plusieurs langues et peut également être modifié à partir du Royaume-Uni Pound en euros contre Dollar US .
Les traductions de Google peuvent ne pas être précis à 100% , mais devrait être suffisant pour donner une expérience confortable pour afficher les différents articles en vente bon.

Store in Italian ... &sandbox=1
Massonica Conservare Lodgeroom -
La traduzione può essere cambiato in molte lingue e può anche essere modificata da UK Pound a Euro al dollaro USA .
Le traduzioni di Google potrebbe non essere accurato al 100 % , ma dovrebbe essere sufficiente per dare una piacevole esperienza per visualizzare i vari articoli in vendita buona .

Store in German ... &sandbox=1
Lodgeroom freimaurerischen Shop -
Die Übersetzung kann in viele Sprachen geändert werden und können auch aus UK Pound in Euro zu US-Dollar geändert werden.
Die Google- Übersetzungen können nicht 100% genau sein, aber sollte gut genug sein, um eine angenehme Erfahrung zu geben, um die verschiedenen Elemente zu verkaufen anzuzeigen.

Store in Spanish ... &sandbox=1
Lodgeroom masónico tienda -
La traducción se puede cambiar a muchos idiomas y también se puede cambiar desde el Reino Unido libra a euros al dólar estadounidense .
Las traducciones de Google pueden no ser fiable al 100% , pero debería ser suficiente para dar una experiencia cómoda para ver los diversos artículos a la venta buena .

The translation can be changed to many languages and can also be changed from UK Pound to Euros to US Dollar.
The Google translations may not be 100 % accurate but should be good enough to give a comfortable experience to view the various items for sale.

Re: Looking to Europe

PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 11:27 am

And why not Dutch?

Re: Looking to Europe

PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 5:39 pm
by ozmike
The local lodges here work Schroeder's Ritual and use different regalia to UGLE, I dont think there aren't many suppliers so another one would be an interesting option. There are many lodges in Europe too which work in English (mine included), the problem we have with buying regalia locally is that the suppliers here tend to buy from a UK provider and then resell at quite a mark-up. What we have a hard time getting a hold of is lodge furniture at a good price, e.g. Warden's Columns and Deacon's wands we can only buy from the UK as there is no local producer.