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Date for the Diary: Monday 8th June - North East Hampshire L

PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2015 11:33 am
by The Uninitiated
Greetings Brethren... a date for the diary, for those suffering withdrawal symptoms due to the summer reduction of activity...

On Monday 8th June, the Hampshire North East Area Light Blues will be performing a demonstration First Degree ceremony at Farnborough Masonic Centre

As well as the full normal ceremony, this will also include the Mode of Preparation and the First Degree Tracing Board.

While all roles will be filled by Light Blues, all brethren (whether Light or Dark Blue) are welcome to attend... the more the merrier!

The Festive Board will feature the Farnborough Mixed Grill (15) which is a challenge for anyone to finish!

Bookings for the Festive Board (a snip at £20.00) to: Aaran Lawley aaran_00_6999 {at} with any dietary requests...

Full details to follow...