Loyalist Freemasons from the State of New York (1776 et al)

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Loyalist Freemasons from the State of New York (1776 et al)

Postby stedav53 » Sun Dec 03, 2017 7:37 pm

Heres a very interesting doucment (PDF format) giving some in-depth information on British Masonic lodges during
the American War of Independence.

It does take a while to download, or even load into browser. It contains approx 200 pages. (4.52Mb)
Plenty of info on British military lodges as well. A really interesting piece of literature.

If you cannot download it, PM me and I shall get a copy to you, or find you another link. You can download, by using RIGHT MOUSE/SAVE LINK AS.

http://www.omdhs.syracusemasons.com/sit ... masons.pdf

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