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Postby jcrick » Sun Jul 06, 2014 12:26 pm

This may be an age old argument, but I still believe starting times is one of the biggest issue that keeps Freemasonry from increasing its current numbers and broadening the appeal of the order. Starting at 6pm to allow younger and working brothers to attend should provide a strong boost to numbers. While this will not be suitable for all lodges that does not mean that some lodges can not adapt and then act as a gateway into the order. Finding various points where one can shave off a little bit of time without losing much is not a hardship, for instance limiting wine takings and speeches can shorten a festive board.

I'd be interested to hear from people who have taken steps within their lodge and if they have seen any impact.
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Re: Timings

Postby Seeking-Light » Sun Jul 06, 2014 12:45 pm

Interesting thoughts bro jcrick

North of the rio tweed we have I guess the opposite situation where very few lodges meet early and most will meet to accommodate most of the memberships work activities .Indeed we need to start looking at opening afternoon lodges for those brethren many getting elderly who feel unable to be out and about late in the day .

Most importantly ..welcome to the forum I look forward to your ongoing contributions but would ask if you could post in the landing pad area so that the forum can greet you .

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Re: Timings

Postby Trouillogan » Sun Jul 06, 2014 10:18 pm

Those in the Irish Constitution, who do much the same as the Scots, must wonder what we are up to in UGLE. There, the norm appears to be an 8pm tyle. After Lodge, as in Scotland, a light finger buffet (sandwiches, pork pie, cake etc. - whatever - take your own, share it out), a cup of tea/whiskey (instead of whisky!) and lots and lots of chat - no set toasts, no speeches. This allows the working man to get home, shower, change (instead of wearing it all day), have a meal with the family, put the kids to bed and then go to Lodge, relaxed and with his mind focussed on what's to be done. The more elderly eat at their normal time likewise without disturbing the daily digestive rhythm and won't be fighting a steak and kidney pudding at 3 in the morning! What's more, the cost of dining and visiting is minimal - a pound or two (or the € equivalent). It would not work in large cities here such as London because members tend to live outside the metropolis but it should certainly work well for rural provincial areas. It would only take one or two Lodges to try it out for a few meeting and I'm sure it would catch on to everyone's benefit. It just seems to make so much sense.

At installations, there is an earlier start with a bit more of a binge and some formality.
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