Resignation Vs Demit

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Re: Resignation Vs Demit

Postby Richard George » Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:23 am

... And state the date from which you wish your resignation to be effective to ensure you don't become liable for next year's subscriptions!
Richard George
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Re: Resignation Vs Demit

Postby kimosabe » Sun Dec 03, 2017 1:24 pm

bonixuk wrote:
Richard George wrote:There is a form - but it's only for those wishing to resign from Freemasonry. That's obtained via the Provincial Secretary direct. But working on the assumption you're only resigning from the lodge, it's just a letter bearing your signature stating you are resigning as of such and such as date (can be in the future - eg. last day of the lodge's financial year and before the next year's subs are due). As Trouillogan said, you don't need to give any reason why you are resigning.

I think it best I keep it straight and simple, a quick letter to the lodge secretary, and hopefully that's that.
I was going to resign next year before the new financial year, but I've just found out that I've been removed
from my lodges mailing list.

I found out by chance as a brother asked me if I was attending the xmas social festivities etc - I said I had no idea of dates and such.
He then forwarded me a copy of the invite, and after looking in the "CC" section of the email, I found all the subscribing members
email addresses except my own - which for some reason had become omitted. I phoned up the lodge secretary who informed me
their was a glitch on his PC, and that it would be rectified asap.

Maybe so, but apparent I've also been omitted from several other December "Get togethers" . I now realise I must
resign and resign quickly, if only for my own sanity. I really am too old for silly games.

As Trouillgan stated earlier in this section, occassionally things like this do happen, but thankfully they are rare.
Thanks for all your comments. I really do appreciate the advice given.

Hopefully, I can now contribute something more joyful to this forum! (44)


Sometimes maturity and age never quite amalgamate within a person and lodge politics is simply an extension of that. Whenever I hear "ahh but in this Lodge we do it this way", I translate it to mean "I demand we do it my way and nobody has successfully disagreed". This is not Freemasonry, it's politics; one of the two outlawed subjects of discussion, the other being discussion of Religion, which are ironically also the most widely inflicted and misrepresented topics in any lodge meeting but that's by the by.

If you were joining my lodge and I knew even half of your history, you would be welcomed as a brother among equals and nobody would be looking down on you. Some of us have worked hard to eradicate such nonsense politics and you are the Mason we and I know many other Lodges, are looking for!

take your time,

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Re: Resignation Vs Demit

Postby Steve Treacle » Sun Dec 03, 2017 5:18 pm

Bob, Best of luck finding a new lodge. I am sure you will soon get settled.
Ordo ab chao.
Steve Treacle
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