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Re: Funerals

Postby Peter Taylor » Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:24 am

wayne cowley wrote:Interestingly, UGLE cover the matter of Masonic funerals in the booklet Information For The Guidance of Members of The Craft


The Board has been giving the most earnest consideration to this subject, being convinced that it is of fundamental importance to the reputation and well-being of English Freemasonry that no misunderstanding should exist inside or outside the Craft.

It cannot be too strongly asserted that Masonry is neither a religion nor a substitute for religion. Masonry seeks to inculcate in its members a standard of conduct and behaviour which it believes to be acceptable to all creeds, but studiously refrains from intervening in the field of dogma or theology. Masonry, therefore, is not a competitor with religion though in the sphere of human conduct it may be hoped that its teaching will be complementary to that of religion. On the other hand its basic requirement that every member of the Order shall believe in a Supreme Being and the stress laid upon his duty towards Him should be sufficient evidence to all but the wilfully prejudiced that Masonry is an upholder of religion since it both requires a man to have some form of religious belief before he can be admitted as a Mason, and expects him when admitted to go on practising his religion.

The Board hopes that Grand Lodge will agree that this is a valid statement of the Masonic position, and in the practical application of these principles will lay down:

(i) that Masonic rites, prayers, and ceremonies be confined to the Lodge room, and that dispensation to wear regalia (which term includes white gloves) in public be granted only in exceptional cases;

(ii) that there be no active participation by Masons, as such, in any part of the burial service or cremation of a Brother and that there be no Masonic prayers, readings, or exhortations either then or at the graveside subsequent to the interment, since the final obsequies of any human being, Mason or not, are complete in themselves and do not call in the case of a Freemason for any additional ministrations. That if it is wished to recall and allude to his Masonic life and actions, this can appropriately be done at the next Lodge Meeting in the presence of his Brethren, or at a specifically arranged Memorial Service;

(iii) but that while no obstacle should be put in the way of Masons wishing to take part in an act of corporate worship, only in rare and exceptional cases should they be granted dispensation to do so wearing regalia; moreover that the order of service should in all cases be such as the officiating Minister or his superior consider to be appropriate to the occasion.

(Extract from Report of Board of General Purposes, adopted 12 September 1962)


Completely different up here!
Regards, Peter
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Re: Funerals

Postby wayne cowley » Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:38 pm

I suspect it was another step taken in response to criticism from the churches or elsewhere

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Re: Funerals

Postby gord_vokes » Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:34 am

kaushik.chowdhury wrote:Fraternal Greetings Brethren All,

I understand that something called a Lodge of Sorrow is also held by the members of the lodge where the deceased brother was a member. I also understand that it is no longer done by the lodges under the UGLE. I have attended only one where the same was done by another recognised constitution and where I was an invitee. It was a beautiful ceremony.


Kaushik Chowdhury
District Grand Lodge of Bengal

I've attended several 'Ceremonies of Life'. 30-50 I believe. A Mason stands outside and hands out sprigs of cedar/fir/pine etc and the member wears it on his label during the service (ceremony) at the end the Brethren pass by the altar where the Bro's apron is laying and places the sprigs upon it.

I have been the funerals of Brethren put on by their families with no masonic additions. I've yet to be to a masonic funeral, not sure if they are out of fashion but the Jurisdiction does have a 'Funeral Lodge' which I've yet to attend.
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Re: Funerals

Postby eckywan2 » Mon Sep 18, 2017 5:26 pm

Nice variation...
Ive just been to a old neighbour / friend's funeral
Her husband was my proposer
First time Ive seen family Carry coffin in ( ie not on trooly)
and it was carried by her 4 daughters ! and 2 grandsons
who then preceded to lay small bunches of flowers on coffin NIcely done too
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