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The Society of Heaven and Earth
Esoteric and allegoric implications for Masonry
John B. Ensor

ohn B. Ensor, Chemainus Lodge #114,
Grand Lodge of British Columbia, Canada
(telephone 604-753-4555).
#146—25 Maki Rd.
Nanaimo, BC Canada
V9R 6N3


ESOTERIC: The inner or hidden meaning understood by or meant for only the select few who have a special knowledge or interest.

EXOTERIC: Suitable for or communicated to the general public. i.e. not belonging or pertaining to the inner or select few.

ALLEGORIC: The symbolic representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through stone or other material forms

(This is the full text of the above paper. The shorter version lasting some 30 minutes, can be and has been given in open Lodge, and is obtainable from the author.)

Like Freemasonry in the West, the Hung or Triad Society of China, seems justly entitled to claim that it is a lineal descendant of the ‘Ancient Mysteries’. Its signs are of primeval antiquity, but it represents the Higher Degrees in Freemasonry rather than the Craft in that the main part of the ritual deals with what is supposed to befall man after death. It has many striking analogies with ancient Egypt; for example, the Hung Boat is similar to the Solar Barque of Ra, and just as in the Egyptian Book of the Dead we find that the soul of the deceased is symbolically weighed, so too we find a similar procedure in the Hung Ceremonies. A similar but far more tenuous link can be found to the American Societies, particularly, the Nagual Cult in Mexico and in central America. For all that we are not entitled to assume that the Chinese Society is an off-shoot of Egyptian Mysteries, Greek Societies or Mexican Cults. It seems much more probable that they all have sprung from a common ancestor and developed along similar lines.

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