Freemasonry and the Building of America

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Freemasonry and the Building of America

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Freemasonry and the Building of America ... of-america

As the gunboat USS Albatross fired on St. Francisville, Louisiana, from the Mississippi River off Bayou Sara in the spring of 1863, her gravely ill captain, Lt. Cmdr. John E. Hart, shot himself to death.

Three of Hart’s officers, who like their commander were Freemasons, went ashore under a flag of truce and requested that Confederate Capt. William W. Leake, Senior Warden of the local Lodge, bury the captain with full Masonic honors. “As a Mason, I know it to be my duty to accord Masonic burial to the remains of a Brother Mason, without taking into account the nature of his relationship to the outer world,” Leake replied. So it was that the Albatross’ crew and their Confederate enemies marched together to Grace Church Cemetery, where they buried Brother Hart in the Masonic lot.

The history of America’s fratricidal war is replete with such stories of Masonic Brotherhood bridging enemy lines. There’s the story of the Union soldiers who went to burn the home of Tennessee slaveholder George Polk, but finding a painting on the wall of Polk wearing a Masonic ring, left the dwelling standing under orders from a Federal officer and Mason.
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