Graduated payments?

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Graduated payments?

Postby Wurzell » Sat Mar 19, 2016 1:44 pm

Many, many brethren continue to feel the pinch of recession and finding the ever increasing lodge subscription (ours is currently £110 pa) is sometimes difficult for those brethren. As a lodge we allow payment to be spread over the year to suit the brother and this so far has worked very well. Are other lodges doing this?

Additionally, we (a Craft lodge) meet September through to April would love to hold an initiation meeting in the latter months of the year but the prospect of hitting the poor fellow with the full subscription plus UGLE fee only to be asking him to stump up over a ton a few months later has tailored our ceremony's to only have an initiation this side of summer.

Surely there must be solution to this conundrum that would allow graduated contributions to UGLE and Province etc.?
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Re: Graduated payments?

Postby P471 » Sat Mar 19, 2016 3:14 pm

Yes we have been doing this for a few years in our Lodge and it works very well, the only stipulation is that to use this facility a Brother must be fully paid up and can then pay monthly towards the following years subs. Subscriptions are due on the 1st November each year and if the payments are set up correctly it will be fully paid by that date, if not then he just transfers the balance. I think its a very handy way to help with the cashflow of both the Brethren and the Lodge.

With regards to the initiations we are in the same boat, we meet October - June and subs are due in November so technically if someone came in in our October meeting they would have to pay the initiation fee, a years subs and then a month later asked for another years subs! We decided to pro-rata the subs on the amount of meetings left that year which is, I think the fairest way to do it for the initiate. If not then as you say we would only have initiations during the first few months of our year. The biggest cost to the Lodge with this is Hall costs we pay are based on the number of brethren who are a member in each year (regardless of how long they were actually a member in that year)

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Re: Graduated payments?

Postby Richard George » Mon Mar 21, 2016 4:59 pm

Er - what happened to the other posts on this thread?
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Re: Graduated payments?

Postby eckywan2 » Mon Mar 21, 2016 5:27 pm

Admin we have a problem!
Ive just been PM'd by bro I had given info to , that it had disappeared and when I checked so had my sent message !
also last post on another thread also gone

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Re: Graduated payments?

Postby admin » Mon Mar 21, 2016 8:41 pm

It may be they have been lost in the move to the new server. Perfection is not possible I am afraid.

Post them again.

My Lodge has been doing this for 10 years or more. It means a bit more work for the Treasurer but it works OK.
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